New partners for Senior Logistic Consultants

Stefan Blaas, Christian Pestalozzi, Andreas Stäheli and Giacomo Lurati have augmented Senior Logistic Consultants (SLC)’s circle of partners. The company has also moved its head office from Oberwil to the premises of Pestalozzi & Stäheli in Basel (both Switzerland). Pestalozzi and Stäheli are specialists for the environment, mobility and traffic.

In recent years, Stäheli was in charge of SLC’s traffic sector which was responsible for supply and disposal projects at several major railway stations in Switzerland.

Giacomo Lurati, who has many years’ experience in the logistics sector from serving companies such as Hupac, Danzas, Migros, Swiss Post and most recently from an eleven year stint as Holcim’s head of road transport and terminals, will contribute his know-how to the group of partners.

Stefan Blaas, a logistics consultant based in Augsburg (Germany), provides SLC with his expertise in intermodal traffic and European transport systems.

Thomas Zaugg has handed over his shares in the partnership and will focus on his tasks connected to the management of the company Interfracht.

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Stefan Blaas

Stefan Blaas übernimmt die MUTATIO Consult GmbH als Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Nach erfolgreicher mehrjähriger Zusammenarbeit mit Bernhard Seidenstücker übernimmt Stefan Blaas zum 01. August 2018 die MUTATIO Consult GmbH in Butzbach als Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter und verlegt den Sitz der Gesellschaft nach Augsburg. Dies beinhaltet insbesondere auch die Vertriebsaktivitäten für TOUAX Rail Ltd. in Deutschland.