Special Offer “Sis” Wagons

Rent Special offer for Sis Wagons (built 1990-91)

► Sis Wagon is RIV approved for mainland Europe and Finland.
► 2 sliding hoods per wagon side give access to the complete floor area from both sides and facilitate the loading/unloading by fork lift truck from ground level but also loading/unloading from top by crane.
► Wagon has been designed for an even distribution of load on the wagon floor.
► The maximum wheel pressure on the floor board is 5 tonnes.
► The wagon is pre-fitted for stanchions and pockets to carry these.

► Wagon quantity:                     up to 5 wagons are available
► Delivery date:                   wagons are available in 1.5 or 2 months
► Delivery place:                        Espenhain / Germany
► Shipment:   can be organized by Touax (quotation upon request)
► The offer remains subject to wagon availability


Stefan BLAAS
TOUAX Rail Services
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c/o Süddeutsche Consultants
Maximilianstr. 19
D-86150 Augsburg

T: +49 (821) 3199316
M: +49 (179) 5013919
E: s.blaas@touax.com
W: http://www.touaxrail.com

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Stefan Blaas

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